Happy New Year…. a few things we have been doing 9 Jan 2017

Happy New Year.  Welcome back everyone.

We even ended this week with a little bit of snow!!!!

For information – we will post on the website & Facebook if the preschool will be closed due to bad weather during the winter and, as a rule, if Brixworth School is closed then we will be too.

This week, we have been:

  • playing with number locks;
  • using textured rolling pins and stampers;
  • colour mixing;
  • tractor tyre painting;
  • talking about Christmas;
  • writing our names; and
  • our role play area was a cafe.

IMG_0280 IMG_0283 IMG_0281 IMG_5841 IMG_5840 IMG_5839 IMG_5838 IMG_5837 IMG_5836 IMG_5835 IMG_5834 IMG_5833 IMG_5832 IMG_5831 IMG_5830 IMG_5829 IMG_5828 IMG_5827 IMG_5826 IMG_5825