Week Commencing 26th January 2015

Our Role Play Area was the vets!!

We have been:

  • Junk Modelling creating fantastic models!
  • Making paper plate faces and talking about different emotions.
  • Exploring water beads and using them to make sensory bags.
  • Reading Little Red Riding Hood and made props to act out the story in the book corner!
  • Having lots of fun in the snow!!

IMG_9766 IMG_9764  IMG_9762   IMG_9758 IMG_9757 IMG_9756 IMG_9755 IMG_9754 IMG_9753 IMG_9752

IMG_1610.2015-01-30_093416 IMG_1611.2015-01-30_093456 IMG_1612.2015-01-30_093606 IMG_1613.2015-01-30_093610 IMG_1614.2015-01-30_093730 IMG_1615.2015-01-30_093737

IMG_1616.2015-01-30_093748 IMG_1617.2015-01-30_093755 IMG_1605.2015-01-29_123628 IMG_1607.2015-01-30_092812 IMG_1608.2015-01-30_092824 IMG_1609.2015-01-30_093413


Don’t forget the Valentines Disco is only 2 weeks away!!!!  For more details please follow the link below!!


Valentines Family Disco