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“I like the library and using the phone, I call mummy. My favourite lady is Emma because she cuddles me. I like the sandpit and I play with the toys in it. Sometimes there are spiders!

“At snack time, we wash our hands and then we get caterpillar food and eat it all up, Its very good. We wash up our own plate and then play when we are finished”

” I love snack time because I like melons, plums & strawberries. I like the computer and play with a friend on it. It shows me how to make a cup of tea. Emma & Julie read me stories in the story corner.”

“I like playing with Knights, because I really love that”

“I like the library and play with my friends. I like Emily because she helps me count. I paint monsters for my mummy!”

“I like painting the most. I paint princesses and butterflies for mummy and daddy”

“I like playing with play-doh and cooking with it. The ladies at pre-school are really nice”

“We play on the bikes outside and play schools”

“I’m making potatoes with my play-doh and spaghetti, we can all have it together. I’m making pink peas. Yesterday, we had chocolate bars and pear for snack, it was nice. I did some painting with ice cubes, they felt really cold, I made a pattern with them.”

Oh! What a busy morning, I’ve been playing with the dough and, with a little help, upon a card I learned to sew.

I helped my friend “Nurse Sarah”, to perform an operation, then fixed the track together for my train and built a station.

I popped inside the “Home corner” to make a cup of tea and stood beside the cooker making lunch for twenty three.

I completed three whole jigsaws, and I played a new board game, and had a turn upon the slide and on the climbing frame.

I handed out the biscuits at “milk and biscuit” time, then listened to a story and sang a nursery rhyme.

But now the morning’s over, and the mummies are all waiting, I hope my mother doesn’t say…

I wish you’d done a painting!!!