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Last Term:

  • Climbing & Balancing;
  • Tapping to the beat;
  • Acting out stories;
  • Putting the correct number spoonfuls of grain in to the right numbered beakers;
  • Drawing what we want to be when we grow up;
  • Talking about our favourite books for World Book Day;
  • Practising writing our name;
  • Making a space ship from recycling;
  • Programming the Beebot machines;
  • Number recognition;
  • Using metal detectors;
  • Looking for rhyming words;
  • Planting seeds;
  • Finding shapes;
  • Celebrating Springtime, looking in the garden at insects & flowers;
  • Lots of outdoor play & learning.

The previous term:

  • Hairdressers, Firefighters & others in our imaginary play area;
  • Playing with textures;
  • Junk modelling;
  • Counting; naming shapes & sorting items by size order;
  • Jumping & dancing;
  • Baking biscuits;
  • Rhyming words;
  • Making a noise shaker;
  • Reading stories in groups & individually with staff;
  • Painting;
  • Seeing how computers & our bee-bot machines work;
  • Practising our balancing on the beams;
  • Lots of outdoors play & learning.