A huge welcome back to everyone and a great big welcome to all the children who are joining us this year.

This week we have been:

  • shape printing;
  • playing with monster trucks;
  • painting tracks with cars;
  • pipetting coloured water to explore the colour changes;
  • exploring with dinosaurs and little ponies;
  • looking at conkers and autumn leaves

IMG_8131 IMG_8130 IMG_8129 IMG_8128 IMG_8127 IMG_8126 IMG_8125 IMG_8124 IMG_8123 IMG_8009 IMG_8008 IMG_8007 IMG_8006 IMG_8005 IMG_8020 IMG_8019 IMG_8018 IMG_8016 IMG_8015 IMG_8014 IMG_8013 IMG_8167 IMG_8166 IMG_8165 IMG_8162 IMG_8161 IMG_8160 IMG_8159 IMG_8158 IMG_7458 IMG_7457 IMG_7456IMG_0698