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Pre-School Children in Brixworth Bulletin

Each year, the Brixworth Christian Fellowship asks the Parish Council to donate towards making a calendar to sell to the public and raise funds for a club or organisation in the community. This year, we have been chosen which we are thrilled about!

Each month on the calendar will be a photograph of a club or organisation but one of those months will be us. A mention of the calendar will be in the next Brixworth Bulletin edition. Please look out for it! the photograph used in the Bulletin is shown below. All parents were notified on Thursday and are happy for their child to be included. Thank you.




W/C 20th October

This week, we celebrated Diwali at pre-school, The Hindu festival of lights. The children made Diwali Rangoli pictures using coloured rice, clay diva lamps with tea lights which they took home and they helped make Naan breads.

IMG_8738 IMG_8733IMG_8790 IMG_8799  IMG_8781 IMG_8775

WP_20141023_001 WP_20141021_013

WP_20141021_008 WP_20141021_007

IMG_8723 IMG_8751


“What’s the time Mr Wolf?”

WP_20141023_007 WP_20141023_006 WP_20141023_008




W/C 13th October

Our role play area was set-up as a home corner. The children enjoy vacuuming, cleaning and cooking dinner….im sure they are just as much help at home?! We had some nice weather this week so the children enjoyed playing outside and we made ‘root top’ gardens using parsnips and carrots. We will be watching them grow. The children made some lovely seed pendants using seeds and beans. The paint was out and the children love painting autumn leaves and printing with them. We also made our own spider webs and decorated them. Claire came in to help out this week and enjoyed playing hopscotch with them and making ice cream sundae’s out of play dough. We also had a special visitor in – Rev. Walters. The children all came in with a donation from home to hand over to him for harvest.

WP_20141016_034 WP_20141016_033WP_20141016_002 WP_20141016_004 WP_20141016_007 WP_20141016_012 WP_20141016_019 WP_20141016_021 WP_20141016_022 WP_20141016_024 WP_20141016_026 WP_20141016_028




W/C 6th October

What a busy week! We had the paint out and enjoyed getting messy mixing colours with our hands, printing with vegetables, hand printing and bubble printing! We made sensory squishy bags which we took home. A lady called Rachel visited us and brought in her puppy called Jess and the children got to stroke her and found out all about how to look after a puppy. We brought in pictures from home of our family and presented them to our pre-school friends.

IMG_8615 IMG_8608

IMG_8625 IMG_8596

IMG_8599 IMG_8533

IMG_8586 IMG_8559 IMG_8591 IMG_8577 IMG_8565 IMG_8571

IMG_8544 IMG_8534 IMG_8532




W/C 29th Sept

This week, the children have been having fun creating models for junk and making fabric collages. Our role play area continued to be a home corner whilst new children settled into pre-school. We planted our very own cress heads. The children will enjoy watching the hair grow at home! We played with some foam (soap flakes) and the children enjoyed the texture and how they smell. More conker collecting took place and we have a great collection now for our sensory tray in pre-school!

IMG_8479 IMG_8476 IMG_8474 IMG_8470 IMG_8468 IMG_8465 IMG_8462 IMG_8461 IMG_8478 IMG_8477 IMG_8466